Misappropriation STYLE.

See how we’re not the ONLY one STYLE?

Lenny K (aka Leonard Kolb, aka L Kalb ? – maybe ?) DeKalb, IL style

He likes his Glenwood Towers in PA. Is that a Section 8 building? Do you think LennyK knows about the Section 8 program? Do you think he’s a CHARITABLE boy?

Do you think he has the Flock’s highest and best use in the forefront of his mind? You know, like a piece of real estate, ‘HIGHEST and BEST’ use. That’s a real thing, in case you didn’t know.

Leonard R. Kolb | Facebook


#Robbie and #schmidtyboy know all about it.

#SINISTERministers #ROGUErectors

Funds for Haitian relief NOT used for humanitarian efforts by World Relief Fund and NAK Karitativ – NACBoard (tapatalk.com)

Building a church is NOT a humanitarian effort as described by either NAK Karitativ or World Relief Fund mission statements or websites.  Prior to the earthquake, NAC Haitians met in a leased building.  District Apostle Kolb is closing US congregations left and right and replacing them with LEASED buildings… why not continue to do the same for the Haitians and relocate the congregation in another leased building?  Why weren’t the funds — earmarked for HUMANITARIAN efforts — used to purchase food, clothes, and housing needs?

NAK Karitativ and World Relief Fund have misrepresented how donations are used.  Their websites and press releases should be modified.


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