An interview story

Remote workers – Independent Remote Contractors, like typists and phone and pen folk, who don’t come into physical contact with ANYONE ELSE ever, on the job – same deal – ‘NO JAB, NO JOB’. And ‘WHERE’S THE CHURCH?’ Oh yeah, over at the banks they run pushin’ it. And the school boards. And the supply chains. And the Elect TRIK company. Disgusting. String ’em up. LOCK EM UP. LOCK EM DOWN.

The illusion of control

I’ve been looking for a job for almost a year now. Lost the one I had due to being under the impression that Pfizer doesn’t get to tell me what to put into my body.

In that time, I’ve been sending out resumes with cover letters non-stop, trying to follow a piece of advice that instructs to “apply to so many places that you can’t keep track of which ones didn’t answer you”. In other words, hundreds of applications sent out and hundreds of hours spent answering silly questions such as “in 240 characters or less, tell us what makes you unique; try to be creative and catch our eye”. First of all, proper grammar would be “or fewer” not “or less”. And second, there is a limit to how many times I can answer this before becoming jaded and answering with a huge




Once more, with…

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