Sound SMART?

Do you think that ‘whoever’ owns this little PA Tax depot gives a HOOT ’bout the elder abuse from their #NAC friends here?

Don’t you think someone of this ‘caliber’ who’s been following the heinous activities of the #schmidtboys & co for more than 12 months, would want to do the right things? Don’t you? Does any of this #soundGODLY? Does it?

Who do you think this may be? What’s the NAME and FACE here? Do you think someone knows? In or out of Norristown?

How ’bout Penske? What are they doin’? What’s David Gonzales, another NAC minister, of Penske Transport, doin’ in PA? Not carin’ ’bout the abuse of the mentally retarded? He and his wife Heidi (grew up with her and my mentally retarded sister has been to her house for extended visits in PA) received the March 2021 packet, concerning the activities of #theNAC and Schneider Electric – and the concerns about the manner in which I was treated by Michael Freund – one of the elite clergy I grew up with in the Virginia District of the National Organization of the New Apostolic Church – do you think DaveyG may also be receiving ill-gotten gains from the 501c3 he calls a ‘church’? Like his friends littleLENNYk and mikey fraudy? Do you?

Why wouldn’t Heidi say, ‘I grew up with Erin. She contributed at church in many ways. I know and say i ‘love’ her sister. Erin helps my elderly parents because I live out of state. Something’s wrong and we need to address this.’

NOPE – none of that. They all allowed the theft and betrayal to continue. Allowed an elderly, widowed, unsophisticated woman believe that her daughter is a liar. For 24 months they’ve allowed it. We’ll see Heidi in court too.

Remember – birds of a feather – and all like that.

How ’bout Todd Shelton at the LORD Baltimore venue of the FBI? Looks like he’s AOK with the lies and betrayal too. Looks that way all the day. He knows my sister. He knows that Michael Freund said ‘Jean-Luc Schneider has nothing to do with Schneider Electric’ and that’s that – ‘No Further Questions’ – Erin’s gonna shut up and sit down. If Mr. Shelton’s the law man he’s supposed to be – he’d have rectified this a long time ago – instead of allowing the abuse to continue. We’ll see him in court too.

What’s little robbieK (kratzer-hahnER) doin’? Where’s he? PA? All over? How many houses do you think this former #NACboy minister has? How many ex-wives? How many lies has he told from behind the pulpit? How much of the global criminal syndicate over at #theNAC do you think he supports? Do ANY of these SinisterMinisters and RogueRectors sound like ‘nice guys’ to you?

Wizards of The World. Allowing the flock to lose their homes and jobs, while they’re builders and employers. These boys in black are really ‘somethin’ else’. The boys in stripes are gonna love these boys in black. GUARANTEED with a Capital G.

Do you think the judges and juries will find that their actions were and are AOK? Do you ? #HMMM

What do you think The Twelve will say? You know – the ‘regular’ folk – who know abuse and betrayal when they see and hear it – loud & clear STYLE.

Racketeerin’ Rectors.

Clear and Present STYLE.

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