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The Little Drummer Boy

Are WE THE PEOPLE Payin’ For Little Robbie K?

Do you remember when he asked edc if she was ‘AFRAID’? In writing, he asked her that – knowing the willful assault his clergy boys strait outta Germany have inflicted upon her family – her mentally retarded sister and elderly mother. He’s all on the DOWNBEAT with that. That enmity he’s part of cementing into place.

20-Year Minister at New Apostolic Church – National Org – do you think he’s ever held a job in the private industry? Or just the ‘charity’ ORGANIZATIONS? You know it looks like WE THE PEOPLE are paying for his big lifestyle – thru church, or the performing arts org, or the European org called MOTT founded almost a century ago – by an industrialist – READ UP – they don’t work like you and I do.

Never Have, Never Will.

Do you think their fundings here have been investigated?

This is the ORG that funds the Performing Arts ORG here:

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation – Wikipedia

Charles Mott & General Motors – SOUND OF MUSIC?

Maybe the Hills really are alive?

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is a private foundation founded in 1926 by Charles Stewart Mott of Flint, Michigan. Mott was a leading industrialist in Flint through his association with General Motors.

Who We Are | Mott Foundation

Sound familiar?

ORG to ORG re-distribution of OUR Wealth?

Just like the boys in black, little robbie k’s good friends here:

New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)

New Apostolic Church of Flint – New Apostolic Church (USA) church in Flushing, MI 48433 | FaithStreet

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