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Symbols and the NAC

The symbols in the NAC are adopted from occult (i.e. “hidden knowledge”) doctrines that have their origins in ancient Babylonian religion otherwise known as Baal-worship. 

The NAC logo is similar to common Christian symbols, Jewish symbols, and other religious symbols.

  • Although it is claimed that the cross represents “Christ,” the cross symbol predates the death of the Messiah and has its origins in Babylon.  Think “T” for “Tammuz.”
  • The sun in the logo is a symbol of “God” and is consisten with the sun-god-worship of ancient Babylon.
  • The sea in the logo represents the peoples of the earth.

This logo and other religious symbols are not found in the pages of Scriptures.  This fact alone should be sufficient reason to reject them.  Even the Christian Cross and the Jewish Star of David are ancient occult symbols and should be thoroughly rejected.  Similarly, the Washington Monument shapped obelisk, which is ubiquitous throughout the earth — most prominently in Rome — is the symbol of the uncircumcised penis of the sun-god, which is condemned by Scriptures as an abomination.

Life Line to Members of the New Apostolic Church (
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