Dr. J

#soundGODLY? Sound like ‘Teen Spirit’?

How ’bout the banks? Digital currency? Do you think Dr. J’s down with that evil? You know, like the bankers over at the NAC – Earl Buehner for one example, LA Pension Fund 3rd part adMINISTER – and an APOSTLE. Does that sound like the C word ‘cohesive’ to you?

Dr. J. He does seem to like his money and his assets, doesn’t he?


When do you think all of the dummies will wake up? Ever? How much do you think this evil will be ‘allowed’ to take from GOD’s True? And, for how much longer?

How much love will they be ‘allowed’ to destroy? All while pretending to be of Christ.

Do you think Dr. J would lovingly spread the Good News if money was not involved? Do you?


WHO do you think Dr. J’s friends may be at the SEC? UN? Attorney Generals? PACs? PACTs.

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