EXCHANGE: New Apostolic Church Traffickers Racketeerin’ Rectors #soundPOPELY? #catholicChAIRities 501c3

#schmidtyboy #AGCO #5% #soundGODLY?


Sayin’ Their Prayin’

HITLER ‘CHURCH’: New Apostolic Church Worldwide, Racketeerin’ Rectors 501c3 STYLE #liarSTYLE LOCK ‘EM UP, LOCK ‘EM DOWN #schneiderSTYLE



Could you even imagine having your life’s purpose stolen? By ‘church’ lies? About money? About trafficking? About their little #boysINblack everywhere? In our schools, our military, our banks, our SUPPLY CHAINS and much, much more. They’re gettin’ locked up and locked down for their abuses. MANY ABUSES, MANY LOCATIONS. Wait ’til the WHOLE WORLD sees!

It’s called TREASON. And it’s punishable via Legal Execution. All the day. All the way.

NAZI ‘church’ Circa 1863 – The OG HAMBURGlars

#schmidtyboy HOLDINGS Are they changing their name to ‘Crescent’ Electric? Did you hear anything about that? And why doesn’t ‘chief-apostle’ Jean-Luc Schneider want to say who his Daddy is? Or his grandaddy? That’s against the law, isn’t it? To hide all of his holdings from the Flock? Isn’t he in a self-appointed position of Trust?

Do you think he knows how to spell the word ‘F-I-D-U-C-I-A-R-Y’? How ’bout GOD?

GLOBAL CRIMINAL SYNDICATE – Abusin’ the weak. Lyin’ to the innocent. Denyin’ Truth. Sayin’ they’re Godly. Plausible Deniability STYLE.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the same people entrusted to protect us from this heinous evil, are most often the same ones behind these very pulpits, aiders and abettors to the intentional infliction of psychological harm and damage – if not the inflictors themselves. God ain’t happy with these #boysINblack. These GREAT Pretenders.

Fleecin’ the flock, including those they’ve known for 80 plus years. Including the elderly and the mentally retarded.

Family Dismemberment Specialists. TRAINED OPERATIVES who think their blood is better than The Flock’s. Who think they are entitled to lie, cheat, defame and bring in illegals to sovereign territory. And take $1 Million inheritance from a member of their flock, because they didn’t tell the truth. A former contributing organist, life-long member, no less. They’re real sweethearts, aren’t they?

Lettin’ elderly members of the Flock lose their homes, while telling those members it’s ‘God’s Will’. FENDT-in-ALL style. John Fendt, another of NY’s unfinest. Yep – he did all that – and more. Much more. Financial thug STYLE. Wizards of the World STYLE.

SHHH – Quiet Title Acquisition STYLE

That 1 Million’s gonna look like chump change by the time God’s done. He’s Comin’ In Hot!

Service With A Smile STYLE



Christopher Reber, ‘lay’ minister, Wizard of the World. He knows my mentally retarded twin sister and is complicit in her belief that I, Erin D. Cook, am ‘dangerous’. That is a lie and Chrissy here knows it. The whole WORLD knows it. He’s gettin’ locked up and locked down. What do you think his wife Linda knows? she is BIG beneficiary of Chrissy’s deceit. As well as his family, his 2 sons, MOST LIKELY LIARS LIKE HIM. He is one of the TRUSTED that we grew up with – he’s about my age – we all knew his daddy, Fred and his mother, Renata:Renate Mary Reber Obituary – Visitation & Funeral Information (


3 Out Of 4 NGO’s Tap Dancin’ – SHAME ON YOU!


CURIOUS: The ‘church’, The EU, The Supply Chain – oh – AND The North American POWER Energy Brokers 501c3 STYLE #sickBitch


Per ‘evangelist’ Michael Freund’s LinkedIn:

Project Manager

Karlyn Engineering

2005 – 20083 years

I was responsible for all aspects of a major building project in southern Virginia. Worked with Owner and Architect who were located out of state assuring the project will be delivered as requested.

Karl Orlofski, NAC ‘apostle’ imbued with 501c3 status – not Holy Spirit Status.

Builders and Constructers. All in God’s name. A little circle jerk of evil here, folks.


Robbin’ From PETER To Pay WHO? #goodbyePETER #schmidtyboy

04 Feb 2016 at 20:29pm

Peter Lamberts covers up a priests fraud

I logged a complaint to Peter Lambert at New Apostolic head office that 1 of his priests have commited fraud by lying under oath at SAPS to defraud Valkenberg hospital and the unethnical and hypocrital life he lives. I sens proof to Peter.

17 Sep 2021 at 12:40pm

Married for over 10 years and still struggling to get registered… Pathetic

I am very upset that after almost 10 years I’m still struggling with having my marriage registered, just over 10 years ago we got married at heideveld congregation and up till today, we are still struggling to have our marriage registered. Each time we are told we should remarry to get registered, what **** is that, we had a beautiful wedding and have a marriage certificate but no one can help us for years now This is absolutely pathetic and sad to think a born new apostolic has to endure this kind of treatment I need someone to get back to me as soon as possible regarding this cause I feel this should be made public, to show how slack God’s servants are treating such a blessing as if it’s nothing Please HELP **********

#NAGA: Naming Apostles GREAT Actors

#NAGA: ‘1703 Peninsula Drive’ Real Estate TITLED To New Apostolic Church #soundGODLY? Sounds Erie

NAMING APOSTLES GREAT ACTORS #schmnidtyboy STYLE And Other Familiar Names

Overview for 1703 Peninsula Dr Erie, PA 16505

We have found 2 companies and 2 people at this address.

The companies and people listed on this page at one time used the above address in association with their company. This data can sometimes help you identify similar companies that are connected in some way. These may however be located in the same building yet maintain different suite or unit numbers and have been there during different time frames. Further research may be required.

Companies located at 1703 Peninsula Dr

Name Status Incorporated Key People National Organization of The New Apostolic Church of North America Active 1960 Richard C. Freund
Leonard R. Kolb
Ellen E. Eckhardt
John W. Fendt
K. S. Heinzelmann Kolb Company Inc Inactive Leonard R. Kolb


This is DOPPELGANGER DUPE, chronicling the Global Criminal Cartel of the boys in black, these particular Apostles, Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers, Brokers here:

– New Apostolic Church International (

and their infiltration into our schools, banks, engineering firms, DOD contracting firms, IMF, DHS and much, much more. They are harmers, controllers and family dismembermenters. All the way. All the day. And definitely, part of the night.

Michael Freund told Erin Cook, in writing, that Jean-Luc Schneider (Chief-Apostle) of International Organization of New Apostolic Church (strait outta France) was certainly NOT the same Jean-Luc Schneider that Portugal autonomously investigated in the BES/ESFG crimes, involving Criminal Association, Money Laundering and a whole lotta other unGODly activities.

Michael Freund grew up with Erin Cook, and her mentally retarded twin sister, in the New Apostolic Church. Virginia District. Not Pennsylvania District. Get.It.Straight. You see. He lied to her and her elderly mother and sister, and willfully, with much malice, dismembered that family.

Because he would not come to the table of TRUTH. He told Erin Cook’s elderly, widowed mother (he’s known her since his very own infancy) that Erin Cook is a liar. Her mother grew up above one of their constructs they call a church and is indoctrinated. Her father was Rector / Evangelist for the Baltimore congregation for many years. It’s deep, wide, long and storied. The whole deal. Now their deal’s done.

Michael Freund, Leonard Kolb, Thomas Schmidt all confirmed to my mother that #theNAC does not fund the Clinton Cartel. Problem is, ya see, the papers say different. K. Stefan Heinzelmann STYLE. German import, circa 2002, StarbuX style. He’s their CFA and heavily involved in the Clinton Global Educational FUND.

These boys in black believe, because they are our government (DHS, IMF, UN, DOD contractors and much more) that they are beyond reproach. When what they’re really beyond is the pale. The pale that they instituted. GOD is shuttin’ ‘em down. Old Testament Style. ‘Cause that’s all these boys in black understand. AMEN.

Doppelgänger – Wikipedia

Write This Down: JOHN SCHNABEL, Straight Outta Woodbury, INSEL FELSENBURG, #schmidtyboy style

Kolb’s Successor SCHNABEL

The New Apostolic Church in the United States is preparing itself for a change in leadership. The course will be set this coming weekend by the International Church President, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider.

The American District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (born 1956) will be retiring in September of next year. Apostle John Schnabel (born 1964) has been designated as his successor. The Church leader informed the congregations of these impending changes. 

This coming Sunday, Chief Apostle Schneider will assign Apostle Schnabel as a District Apostle Helper so that he can familiarise himself with the USA District and prepare himself for his future tasks. 

Leonard R. Kolb was assigned as a District Apostle Helper in 2004 and appointed as a District Apostle in 2008. District Elder John Schnabel was ordained into the Apostle ministry in January 2022. He works as an investment manager. Besides his mother tongue English, he also speaks Spanish. 

District Apostle Helper John W. Fendt Jr (born 1957) will also retire in the coming year, in March. In addition to the congregations in the USA, his primary pastoral focus is on the members in Central America.

The NAC USA serves congregations in the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. 

6 August 2022

Johann Gottfried Schnabel (November 7, 1692 – c. 1751–1758) was a German writer best known for his novel Insel Felsenburg. He published his works under the pen name Gisander.

Schnabel was born in Sandersdorf near Bitterfeld, Germany. Orphaned in 1694, he was raised by relatives.[1] After an apprenticeship to a barber from 1706 to 1709, Schnabel worked as a Feldsher, a military barber-surgeon, in the regiments of Wolfenbüttel and Saxony until 1717.[2] In this capacity he took part in the War of the Spanish Succession. In 1719, Schnabel settled as a master barber in Querfurt. From 1724 he was court barber in the County of Stolberg-Wernigerode, where he was promoted to valet de chambre in 1729 and to court agent around 1737.[2] The year 1750 shows the last record of Schnabel’s life; his death date and place are unknown.

The title summarizes the book. It is about a seaman who is shipwrecked on the coast of an island, where he marries and starts a family of 300. It combines themes of the then-popular genre of the robinsonade with elements of a social utopia.

The book was highly successful when it was published. German author Arno Schmidt wrote in a review to a reissue of the book: “It is attested that around and after 1750 the library of a commoner consisted of at least two volumes: the Bible and the Insel Felsenburg.”[3] Due to the success of the original work, Schnabel published three sequels of decreasing quality.

A Rose By Any Other Name

#schmidtyboy #kolbCOM

According to police, Kolb back on Aug. 16 was at a local Winn-Dixie grocery store.

“While at that store, on that date, Hellmuth Kolb attempted to purchase a female minor child for $100,000.00, from her parent,” officers said. “Due to the parent’s clear concern that someone was insistent on attempting to purchase their daughter in a grocery store, we were notified. Unfortunately for him, we were able to confirm through his Probation Officer that Mr. Kolb is currently on probation for similar issues, and he is not to have any contact with minor children.”

“An opportunity to show what lives in your soul”

He was a wise master builder in a double sense. He was also one of the first Apostles to be appointed as a District Apostle Helper. Apostle (ret.) Leonard Ernest Kolb (USA) has passed away. He was 82 years of age.

He built more than 80 churches

He was born in December 1932 to New Apostolic parents. His brother was born a year earlier. Already as a boy he was interested in building, hoping to be an architect later in life. But when his mother died after a year’s battle with cancer he had just finished high school and there was no money left for university.

He established a construction business in Rochester, New York, at the age of 20. His brother, who had left college to care for their sick mother, joined the business after her death. When Leonard moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, he left the business to his brother and started another construction firm. The business expanded so that the firm eventually built churches, commercial buildings, and pre-fabricated structures.

Leonard Kolb Sr. built more than 80 churches in the USA, starting with the building in Greenville, Pennsylvania, in 1960. “It was always a joy to see that another place of worship had been completed where the Lord’s altar stood,” he said

One of the first District Apostle Helpers

Leonard E. Kolb received his first ministry, that of a Sub-deacon, in October 1954. After his marriage in September 1955 he and his wife followed the request of District Apostle Fendt and moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, to help promote the Church there.

In his new district he was entrusted with further ministries right up to District Elder. In June 1986 he was ordained as an Apostle. Together with John Fendt, Wilbert Vovak, and Erwin Wagner he was appointed as a District Apostle Helper to assist District Apostle Michael Kraus whose district included numerous countries around the world.

The function of a District Apostle Helper had not existed until then. This was an innovation and Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler considered it important enough to write a few lines in the New Apostolic Review. He saw this as a first step in helping to administer and structure large District Apostle Areas. “Our predecessors also found innovative solutions for special circumstances.”

Decades of working overseas

For nearly 50 years, Apostle Kolb Sr. worked and travelled as a minister. Thirty of these years he worked in India; 17 years in Mexico, Nepal, and on a number of South Sea Islands; twelve years in Bangladesh; and for some time in Cameroon and Sudan. “This kind of work expands one’s horizon and helps to broaden one’s feelings for our fellow-man,” he said once. “It also gives us the opportunity to show what lives within our soul—especially when we are alone in a foreign country.”

On 5 November 2015 the retired District Apostle Helper Leonard Ernest Kolb passed away. The funeral on 14 November will not be held by his son, District Apostle Leonard Richard Kolb, but by special request of the deceased by the rector of his home congregation, Evangelist Peter Wagner.

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