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CHURCH PONYIN’ UP #schmidtyboy STYLE #studentLOANstyle


773-478-1920 Chicago, IL Line

814-825-7002 Erie, PA Line

https://cooklinesinker.substack.com/p/church-compen… We’ll get back to ya on the Wichita Line – https://youtu.be/AxSarBcsKLU #theNAC

infiltrated every state, every country. GLOBAL CRIMINAL SYNDICATE style. #RacketeerinRECTORS


#schmidtyboy STYLE

Do you think the shrinks and lawyers that attended this #SwitzerlandSoiree were helping or harming GOD’s True? Do you think a single list of those names may be a feasible acquisition? Quietly Acquired? As many of their real estate properties were? These guys, right here: https://nac-usa.org/ How ’bout faces? Feasible? Plausible?


‘A Phone And A Pen’ STYLE

LUIS SAID Argentinian Import Liar #LOCKemUP #schmidtyboySTYLE

In 2015 Facebook posts, Luis Said, ungrateful immigrant who received lots of help from the Putty Hill Avenue, Baltimore Congregation, of the New Apostolic Church, including my family, named Donald J. Trump the ‘orange man’.

Gross violation of 501c3 Non-Profit Requirements. Luis Said came to U.S., here in Baltimore, MD, as a ‘priest’ for the New Apostolic Church, Virginia District (Freund Family Empire) from Argentina. #OPpaperclipSTYLE

Luis Said raised his 3 children here, children that are now lawyers and continuing the subversion of God’s TRUE. One of them works in a Hunt Valley, MD government contracted medical facility, where they work on pharmaceuticals and formulas, probably to put in the next needle.

Erin D. Cook and her mother went to Michael Freund, TRUSTED ‘evangelist’ known to the Cooks since Mikey Fraudy’s birth, more than 50 years ago. He pretended to be appalled at the Argentinian’s behavior. Really, they were all laughing at the Cooks. Dereliction of Duty by Michael Freund, government contractor, ensuring that many poor countries adhere to German standards of weights and measures, for NIST. #soundGODLY?

When Erin D. Cook responded to this phony priest, Luis Said, on Facebook, saying to him, ‘YOU came here legally, right? Most legal immigrants are grateful to be here, and oppose illegal alien migration. Legal immigrants meet requirements to become U.S. Citizens, and they are harboring resentment for those that do not follow the rule of law.’ Or something close.

Phony ‘priest’ Luis Said’s response to me was: ‘What do you know about immigration?’

After my father gave his in-laws a car.

Currently, Phony ‘priest’ Luis Said is fully engaged in the false narrative that Erin D. Cook is a crazy liar, spewing and in full support of those lies to her mentally retarded sister, who does not have the ability to discern TRUTH. He, along with these other little boys-in-black, family dismemberment thugs, MOB style, are being watched carefully. And their day’s comin’.

#LOCKemUP #throwAWAYkey





Peter Lambert straight outta the Devil’s Den along with ‘apostle’ Thomas Schmidt, from the Great NECK of the woods #NY style #liarSTYLE

Peter Lamberts covers up a priests fraud


I logged a complaint to Peter Lambert at New Apostolic head office that 1 of his priests have commited fraud by lying under oath at SAPS to defraud Valkenberg hospital and the unethnical and hypocrital life he lives. I sens proof to Peter.

What does Peter do? He contacts the priest, take his word over my proof and tells me the matter is closed.

He refuses to supply me with contact information to have this escalated higher.

Another unethnical person who is supposed to be an example to people he lead?



per #theNAC, that 3-letter agency, right here: New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)

GOD SAYS: ‘This here, looks like a #schmidtyboy SPECIAL’

‘Naturally, when you go around picking on things weaker than you are….’
Christopher Reber-Not-Robin, quite the boy-about-town: School Boards, FAREVA Supply Chain / Logistics, Procurement Specialist. He told the edc after a church service March 2020, regarding the edc’s mother, to ‘appreciate her’. He also gave her a suggestion on her organ playing, ‘Practice’. #soundGODLY? Then he took the edc and her mother and her sister to McDonald’s for coffee, and was reticent to talk about his job when the edc looked at him and said, ‘You probably supervise a lot of people at your job, huh?’ None of these boys in black like to talk about their jobs at the DHS, IMF, DOD contractors, FBI, International Supply Chains, and of course, the Elect TRICK company
K. Stefan Heinzelmann, perjured himself in his 4/28/21 draft of excommunication from #theNAC, to Erin D. Cook. His actions, and those of his footmen have also excommunicated her from her Holy Duty, her mentally retarded sister, via his lies and her very own mother’s indoctrination since infancy into #theNAC. the edc’s mother grew up living above the church, on Harford Rd., Parkville, MD 21234, now the Broadcasting Institute of MD? Anyway, her father, Walter Neudeck, was a traveling salesman for General Mills, and he did not pay rent for all of those years living above the church because he was the Rector of #theNAC Baltimore. His family heritage is unclear. He came to US from Germany as a young teenager or pre-teen? WWI times. No straight story ever heard ’bout that. #NEUDECKhouse
Randolph Havenstein, (we like to call him Haver HAVE AT IT Stein) German Chancellor during the hyperinflation in what seems to be a long time ago, but when Rome never died, the Freemasons and Teutonic Knights never REALLY went away here we are today, with this jamokeJOKE A Havenstein Moment. | Rudy Havenstein | Substack
Ernst Hermann #TJMask CEO, First Retailer To Announce Firing Its’ Sans Jab Human Capital: Their Mentally Retarded Employees Included, The Ones WE THE PEOPLE Give Them A Tax Write-Off Upon Hiring These Special Souls
KRAUS CARPETS #scheisterSTYLKE #schneiderSTYLE #FRENCHIEstdyle #schmidtyboy
Schneider, the one that Mikey Fraudy said has no interest in Schneider Elect TRICK. Or the UN’s He For She PROGRAM #schmidtyboy STYLE #DOPPLEGANGERdupe STYLE #liarSTYLE
Tricke Dickie aka Richard Freund aka ‘District Apostle’, first for Virginia District, at least tri-state area including DC, and then for South America, we believe. He still calls the edc’s mother at her domicile and pretends to be her friend. He sired the Mikey Fraudy and the JonnyF-not-Appleseed.


A Privileged Preacher Walked Into A Bar….#coffeeSTYLE

#schmidtyboy STYLE #liarSTYLE



This, right here, is how GOD’s TRUE Double Down. #SMARTstyle

Schneider Elect TRICK is not an ETF, it’s a Societas Europea, lacking TRUST. The Vatican and the Elect TRICK Company. ‘Chief-Apostle’ Jean-Luc Schneider, behind that heinous pulpit. Just like Kent Cartridge, major ammunition supplier to WE THE PEOPLE strait outta West Virginia, VP Jon Freund, ‘Evangelist’ Eastern Seaboard STYLE at #theNAC. TRUSTED by the flock. Do you think he may have had a hand in givn’ the IRS a WHOLESALE deal on any ammo? Canada Style? After all, his brother Mikey Fraudy, tried to sell us the #DOPPLEGANGERDupe Story about the jeannyS and his daddy and his daddy’s daddy. ‘It’s just someone else with the same name.’ #COMEonMAN

And of course, certain of the FBI, DOJ, all kindsa AG’s, Sheriff’s Departments, really all kinds of GOD’s TRUE everywhere, fully aware. Fully functioning in HIS LIGHT. Make no mistake. ‘No one comes to the Father but by Me.’

And one more thing. You know when the Privileged Preachers talk about the Holy Spirit, they seem to always want to remind us that He is our Friend. That’s true. He is. They seem to forget that God said the Holy Spirit is also our Great Advocate. Just like they want us to forget that Jesus is coming back as a Lion, not a Lamb. And he’s coming for His Sheep, His Flock, not the goats. The sheep nations have walls. The goats’ don’t. And time’s tickin’. God Bless All Of HIS TRUE. God Bless Our Constitutional Republic. Godspeed.



We’ve got a rut in Jesus’ WORDS right long ’bout now, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, the Life…’ A rut right there in the big, fat middle – TRUTH.

It’s time to $DRLL: Strive Launches U.S. Energy Fund and Shareholder Resolutions

strive_color The Strive Energy ETF (DRLL) LaunchesThe bull case for U.S. energy runs through DRLL.Our fund provides the investing public with an alternative to the nation’s largest asset managers that are voting and pressuring energy company boards and management teams to focus on social and environmental agendas over maximizing shareholder returns. Strive believes the right focus is on excellence – invest in high return projects, preserve strong balance sheets, continue as technology leaders in oil and gas emissions reductions, and produce the cleanest hydrocarbons on the planet. It’s time to $DRLLYesterday, we launched our first index fund, the Strive U.S. Energy ETF (NYSE: $DRLL). Strive aims to grow those assets to surpass the largest energy ETFs currently managed by the “Big 3” – BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard. Why energy? We believe that the energy sector is poised for dramatic market outperformance and has been amongst the most maligned by the actions of the Big 3.  Excellence Capitalism vs. Stakeholder CapitalismStrive’s fiduciary responsibility has the sole interest of maximizing the value of our client’s investment accounts. We do this by advancing Excellence Capitalism, where corporations pursue the best products and services for their customers, focusing on profitability.  The Big 3’s Stakeholder Capitalism advocates and votes for achieving social goals beyond profits. This is counter to the idea of open markets, democracy, and free speech. As a society, we settle issues and discussion through free speech and open debate, but instead, the Big 3 are settling social issues by a group of monarchical elites, the same methods of the old society in Europe. We agree with BlackRock that “capitalism has the power to shape society and act as a powerful catalyst for change.”  However, we disagree with how the Big 3 has used their shareholder power, particularly with U.S. energy companies. One of DRLL’s top holdings is Chevron Corp. The Big 3 backed a 2021 shareholder resolution against the board’s recommendation to require Chevron to cut Scope 3 emissions – the emissions of organizations indirectly related to Chevron. Strive shareholder proposalsWe believe in the U.S. energy industry. It fuels the nation and the world with highly profitable oil, natural gas, and products. Simultaneously, the energy industry has been the largest technology innovator producing ~25% of “green patents.” Investors should not encourage divestment of assets from the most capable and clean public energy companies. Oil companies should produce oil; natural gas companies should produce natural gas; refineries should produce gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel; in the end, all these companies will produce higher returns to shareholders. We unveiled the following three examples of Strive shareholder proposals at the EnerCom Conference in Denver yesterday. Proposal 1: U.S. Energy Company A commits to evaluating all current and future internal investments, including but not limited to investments in oil & gas exploration, production, and refinement, as well as its investments in alternative energy projects such as wind and solar, exclusively based on financially measurable returns on investment, without regard to any other social, political, cultural, or environmental goals. Proposal 2: Shareholders hereby approve Strive’s proposal that Energy Company A increases its total amount authorized for capital investments in oil and gas exploration and production in 2023 based on growing domestic and international demand for carbon-based energy, at the discretion of management to determine the magnitude of such increase and whether to increase such capital investments by reducing investments in non-carbon-based energy projects.  Proposal 3: U.S. Energy Company A’s commitment to Scope 3 emissions reductions should be rescinded unless and until the board of directors commissions a full audit demonstrating that its Scope 3 emissions reduction commitments have increased shareholder value and that such commitments are likely to increase shareholder value in the future. At Strive, we’re excited to revitalize excellence. For more information visit www.strivefunds.com.

GOD’s CURRICULUM fbi Style #schmidtyboy STYLE

Per GOD, here’s the fbi’s up and coming targets: 1. Randall Bauer (CT) aka randyB https://nac-usa.org/, their #COO. North American Power Energy Broker, Supply Chainer, Logistics Legend, Abuser of Trust, elderly women, and the mentally retarded, via his and his foot soldiers and cohorts lies. Lies of Mass Destruction, family dismemberment style, by those we knew best. 2. Leonard Kolb (PA) aka littlelennyK, see above, and below. 3. Michael Freund, aka MF aka Mikey Fraudy, see above, and below. 4. Joseph Mahr, aka Mahr-a-Bungo, US Coast Guard Commander, Ft DeTRICK style, received the March 2021 packet advising of the Schneider ElectTRICK’s 2020 August Acquisition of ProLeit AG supply chain for food, pharma, brewery, ENERGY and the connection to #theNAC and Schneider.

And the ESFG/BES debacle, and Portugal’s autonomous investigation of Jean-Luc Schneider (mr. UN, mr. WEF, mr. WHOLE LOT THAT’S NOT GOD) ‘Priest’ Mahr willfully ignored this and subsequent follow-up calls / emails / texts, from a member, clearly in distress about this evil action. He chose to actively participate in the false narrative, verbal hate speech about Erin D. Cook, to her mentally retarded twin sister, on her mother’s veranda as her mother served them tea and crumpets. Can you even IMAGINE?

It’s a good thing Erin D. Cook is a woman of GOD. And picks up the pen instead of the sword, not like them, those NGO little boys, corporate MOB thugs, #ViciousVaticanSTYLE, who don’t pay taxes like the rest of us, and don’t have to have their cars inspected for emissions, like the rest of us. And don’t pay federal tax like the rest of us, because that’s a benefit of being a government employee. #schmidtyboy SHAMEFUL.

Comrade Mahr attended my father’s memorial service and his wife, the other organist, did a beautiful job of playing the organ that day. We feel like fools now.

GOD says he is finished with HIS True, His Incorruptible, being abused by Vicious Vatican Evil Ilk. fbi included. He Says, ‘DO THE RIGHT THINGS’ edc says ‘did you ever have a mother or grandmother that was a True Believer?’

5. Every Single Schneider Electric Outlet here in the U.S. and her territories. And maybe Canada too. We heard tell the #ViciousVatican is havin’ some problems gettin’ their message out there now. SCAT, SCAT, Foreign CAT


Curriculum: term often refers specifically to a planned sequence of instruction,


Tell Us Again Why ‘Church’ Requires Global Supply Chain? #soundGODLY?

Why does CHURCH need SUPPLY CHAIN company? Who’s ProLeitAG and why did the French chief-apostle of the New Apostolic Church (global) who runs SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC acquire that August 2020?

#someONE knows #someWHERE #everyWHERE



Yeah, really.


Exodus 20: 
1 And God spake all these words, saying,
2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

That’s RIGHT! ‘Words have consequences’. https://nac.today/en/a/894119 #theNAC’s take on the BischOFF. Oh, and here’s another #CONSTRUCTIONcoincidental https://www.bizapedia.com/ny/bischoff-contracting-inc.html

spacerspacerWrite ReviewspacerspacerspacerUpgradespacerspacerspacerClaimspacerspacerspacerBischoff Contracting Inc. is a New York Domestic Business Corporation filed On July 16, 1993. The company’s filing status is listed as Inactive – Dissolution By Proclamation / Annulmen and its File Number is 1742248.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Bischoff Contracting Inc. and is located at 570 Main Street, Staten Island, NY 10307. The company’s principal address is 570 Main St, Staten Island, NY 10307 and its mailing address is 570 Main Street, Staten Island, NY 10307.

The company has 1 contact on record. The contact is Donald Bischoff from Staten Island NY.

And a publishing house bearing the name of that BLACKsuitMATTER – Bischoff – who told #theFLOCK the Lord would come prior to his passing. Needless to say….and they’ve got a whole, big publishing house over there in Frankfurt, special like, just for him. Looks like a #BUST if you ask US. https://nak.org/en/db/14320/Bekanntmachungen/Bischoff-Verlag-Neuausrichtung-2015

K Stefan Heinzelmann and Stefan Heinzelmann. Do you think they may be the same person? One is #theNAC’s CFA and the other is a bigwig ? Wells Fargo – banking – a data warehouse / logistics manager? Do you think they may be one in the same? All of these different jobs and different areas with same names. Well, sometimes they’re anglicized too – like Fry for Freund – you know.

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